3Gen Award Winning Pepperettes

3Gen Organics Pepperettes won 3rd prize at the 2019 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in the Ready to Eat Meat Snack Category!
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3Gen Organics / TruLocal Partnership

3Gen Organics is excited to announce our partnership with Tru Local. Founded in Waterloo Region, Tru Local has become an innovative leader in connecting consumers directly to producers to meet their meat needs. They have earned a reputation for consistent and reliable order fulfillment. We are confident that as 3Gen Organics continues to grow, this partnership will build on our already high level of customer experience.

Over the coming weeks, we will be gradually shifting our order fulfillment to flow through Tru Local. All deliveries made by them come in an insulated cooler box and arrive with loads of ice packs. Their system is designed to keep your meat frozen even under the most adverse weather conditions. This will allow you to have greater flexibility in timing your 3Gen delivery as you no longer need to be home for your order to be delivered.

Another benefit of this partnership is that eventually you will be able to source all of your protein needs through one order process. Tru Local represents other family farms in the beef, poultry, lamb, and fish spaces. We understand that a diverse set of options will allow you to better meet your families needs. In time, you will be able to couple your 3Gen Order with other meat products directly from the source.

We are initially launching 3 box options through Tru Local:
Click here to order 3Gen/TruLocal Packages

TruLocal Packages

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We appreciate your continued support and are excited about what the future holds in store! For frequently asked questions regarding delivery through TruLocal please visit TruLocal FAQ. If you have any additional questions please contact 3Gen through our online form and we can help guide you through your first order.

3Gen Organics Family Farm

Our farm has been in our family for more than 5 generations! The original homestead was first purchased by Charlie Israel and has been in our family ever since. Today, all aspects of the farm are owned and operated by three generations of Israel’s; Carl and Carolyn, Jamie and Anna, Brett and Riley, and Luke. Carl and Carolyn have been farming together for over 50 years, and have seen the farm come full circle. The Israel Family farm is made up of 540 acres of certified organic cropland where we grow corn, soybeans, wheat and barley. These crops serve as the foundation of our pigs feed. In fact, all of our land is on the same road, meaning that our pigs have a 5-minute diet! Not only does this provide high quality feed, but it greatly reduces the carbon footprint of our operation. We have been managing our farm under organic practises since 2015 and received our certification in 2018.

Our 3Gen story

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Organic Cropland

As part of our Farm’s commitment to sustainable agriculture, all our land is Certified Organic. View More...

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Meet your Meat

Our Certified Organic pigs receive the highest level of animal welfare and chemical/GMO free diet in the industry. View More...

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Why Organic

As farmers, we have a duty to leave the environment in better shape for the next generation. View More...

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NEW TruLocal Pork Packages We now have partnered with TruLocal to have 3Gen box bundles available to customers. Delivered to your doorstep. Click here for more information on 3Gen/TruLocal Packages

New at 3Gen Organics

Over the past few weeks we have had new products introduced to our online order system. Pepperettes, Peameal bacon, and smoked sausge to name just a few. Please review our products page or online order form to learn more.
3Gen has been spreading the word about our organic pork at both Belmont village festival and the Arthur cash & carry Farmers Market. Feeding the future.
Arthur Farmers Market
Belmont Village
Arthur Farmers Market

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Our Farms Certification

When you buy 3Gen Organic Pork, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the highest quality pork products for your family. Our operation is inspected routinely to ensure that we are meeting the Canadian Organic Standards. We keep daily records of all pigs, and have complete traceability from birth to market. Further to this, all of our certifications are overseen by True Foods, a third-party governance organization whose mission is to ensure traceability through the food chain from Field to Fork. Here is a listing of a number of quality assurance certifications which our farm holds:
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  • Certified Organic Pork- Pro Cert Organics
  • Certified Organic Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Barley- Eco Cert
  • Global Animal Partnership (Humane Verification)- Where Food Comes From
  • CQA/Ractopamine Free- Ontario Pork
  • Environmental Farm Plan- OMAFRA